dear wheaton, i’m sorry.

Today was Breakaway Ministry and CSC chapel. Having sat through a chapeltizement or two in my college career, I recognized what I saw, and I wanted to apologize for it. Ministries that get to run a chapel service during the school year often see it as a marketing opportunity to recruit students to serve with them. I can promise you that this was not our desire when we set out to design this worship service. Our desire was not only to make it an enjoyable experience for students to sit through, but more than that, to see God glorified together as a student body.

I can honestly say that we tried to do “something different” and to avoid the chapeltizement formula the best we could, but doors were closed to us. It seemed as though we were pigeon-holed into having your typical “here’s our ministry. here’s how cool we and and the good things we do. here’s why you should join.” I actually heard the words “come to the OCO to find out more” at least 3 times, which is true – the OCO is where you can find information about these ministries we’re representing – but it all just felt so typical.

I feel like we let the campus down to an extent, and all I can say is that I’m sorry, and we tried.

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