my everything hurts.

Dan and I took a kinesiology class on cross-country skiing over the weekend. We left Friday up to northern Wisconsin and stayed until Monday (we got back at midnight last night). We skied more than 5 hours each day for Saturday-Monday. Our professor was an incredibly intense life-long athlete, and we were out on the trails every moment possible, you know, except when we had to EAT and SLEEP, neither of which did we do often enough. Saturday’s high was -4 [read: ridiculously painfully face-numbingly cold] yet we skied on. My aches and pains are as follows:
-sore upper arms
– stiff calf muscles
-bruised knees
-sore inner-thigh
-bruised bottom
-stiff neck and shoulders
-dry and flaking face skin

Yet, WE SURVIVED! And we are one credit closer to graduating for it. We also got to be at the beautiful Honeyrock campus for a weekend, as well as hang out with and become better friends with some pretty cool people – even if we all got a little grumpy at times. Overall I am so glad to be home and sleeping in something I don’t have to zip up!

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