call me martha

Dan and I have really been enjoying playing house these last 9 months, and I wanted to show off some of our handy work. The amazing things Dan has done:

I saw these leaning book shelves at Crate and Barrel and fell in love with everything but the price tag, so Dan whipped me up a couple. There’s a shelf for that bottom right part, but we slide Pearl’s crate right in there for now.
He added these plate slots (BEST space saving decision EVER) as well as those bowl corner shelves on the right!

This Dan original creation tamed the chaos that was my baking dish cupboard. He’s a genius.

Allison’s domestication skill:

I made the valences before I got my wonderful sewing machine, so they are 100% steam-a-seam made. Just me and my iron.

These are my post-sewing machine creations. Only slightly less simple. I’m still learning :).

I painted this chair and recovered the cushions this summer. The pillow is also an Allison creation.

Pearl’s contributions:

She helps around the house with the laundry… by keeping it warm, and she thought our blinds needed updating. Note the minuscule teeth marks and the one piece that she conquered.

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