who needs restaurants?

On Valentine’s Day, I actually had a meeting until 7pm for Breakaway Ministry. So with a bad time frame coupled with a small budget, Dan decided to cook dinner for me. I told him I thought it would be nice to have something “that would be served at a restaurant” – you know, so he didn’t make his signature a) Mac and Cheese b) pancakes c) frozen pizza. I was optimistically expecting some fettuccine noodles, alfredo sauce from a jar, and a bag of salad. Those expectations were far exceeded by the fancy meal I was served – on our china no less!

Le Menu
Cheese biscuits

Main course
Pork in a garlic apricot glaze served with
Acini de Pepe with butter sauce and steamed asparagus

molten chocolate cake

How does a girl get so lucky?! I don’t think I’ve ever cooked anything this nice for him. I guess the bar has been raised. I wasn’t entirely useless though; I did the dishes.

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