dancing in a strobe light

I kept telling myself that when the weather warmed up I would start running again, but, then I remembered that I live in the Midwest. So, I finally stopped kidding myself and in the last few weeks, Mr. Treadmill and I have become pretty good friends. However, I’ve noticed this psychological hurdle that I have to overcome each time I workout on one of them. After a little while I start to space out, you know – get in the groove, and run for a while, and by the time I look down at that screen that tells me how I’m doing, I’m sure that I’ve run at least a mile and that it’s been a full 10 minutes. Disappointingly, more often than not it reads “.3 miles” and somewhere around 3:oo.

The last couple weeks have been like that for me in a lot of ways. I’m sure that I’m moving at full speed, but when I look around, it’s like someone hit the lights on me and turned on the strobe, making everything I do appear unnaturally slow. Graduation couldn’t come soon enough. I am so over my general ed. classes (thanks Music 101, but I took IB Music Theory in high school, and I’m just not that into you). The walls of this little apartment get smaller every week (or maybe we just get more crap), and I want to live in something I own. The weather is so freaking schizophrenic; couldn’t it just be Spring already?!

This all may have to do with the fact that, as a kid, I hit my head really hard once and broke my ability to be patient – at least, that’s what I tell Dan. Ever since that accident, I’ve had this on and off desire to start sprinting in the middle of the long-distance races in my life. But you know what? Today I decided to not let my recent strobe-lit life get to me (or my broken patience gland). Where I am right now in life is good, in fact, it’s great! If I started sprinting now, I would miss my last 2 months here, living right next to some of the best friends I will ever have, seeing and interacting with people of vibrant faith, learning from wise professors and mentors. I would run right past the amazing things about this time of my life, and that would be a really big bummer come May 12th, when everything will change.

So crank that techno music DJ, and bring on the strobe light dancing.

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  1. danae

    Hey, impatience is okay! You and Dan seem to have exciting plans for after graduation :-) Besides, gen-eds in senior year breed senioritus at pandemic strength.


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