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my hatred of laundry

I love to cook, sew, mop, dust, bake, organize, and sweep. I don’t mind vacuuming, doing the dishes, scrubbing, sweeping, or taking out the trash. I hate doing the laundry. I’m not kidding. You may think I’m kidding, and if so I am honored that you would consider me so domestic as to be incapable… Read more »


in the year 2068

Lately I’ve found myself thinking “I am so old.” I’ll be a college graduate in mere days, I know every word to the songs that come on in the “90’s hour” on the radio, which makes my high school co-workers (see last post) look at me like “how bizarre, how bizarre…”. My knees hurt when… Read more »


and then she was like…

The reason of the week that I’m glad I’m not in high school: Not having to care when peers arbitrarily don’t like me. I’m just gunna put it out there – I have a minimum wage, part-time job. It’s kind of my guilty pleasure, my “do something lame and menial before I spend the rest… Read more »


date night

I wanted to share about the romantic evening that Dan and I had together last night. So that you can accurately picture it, you should know that Dan was sporting jeans and a sweatshirt, while I had donned the logo-embroidered tee-shirt from my part time job, slightly sticky with fruit juice. It was really classy…. Read more »