date night

I wanted to share about the romantic evening that Dan and I had together last night. So that you can accurately picture it, you should know that Dan was sporting jeans and a sweatshirt, while I had donned the logo-embroidered tee-shirt from my part time job, slightly sticky with fruit juice. It was really classy. Also, we didn’t have a baby-sitter, so Pearl played chaperone. We had a reservation for 5:30 at Ultra Foods Mart. That’s right folks, grocery store dates are the most romantic type. The FDA frowns upon dogs in grocery stores, so Pearl guarded the car while Dan and I tackled the 26 item shopping list (our cupboards looked like Old Mother Hubbard’s).

We flirted through the freezer section, canoodled in the canned goods aisle, and played footsie in produce. As the florescent glow reflected off the linoleum floor and into his eyes, I realized we were more in love now than the day we got married.

At high class grocery joints like this one, they give you the opportunity to bag your own groceries, which was truly a highlight of the evening. First came the paper or plastic debate, then the “oh! Hunny, don’t put the bread on the bottom!” not to mention the “don’t forget to put an extra plastic bag around the glass things”. We were just smitten by the time we got handed the longest receipt I think I have ever seen.

After reuniting with our very excited puppy, we took a starlight drive across the parking lot to this new restaurant in town called MacDo Nald’s. Dan treated me to a two course meal of fried potato strips and breaded chicken tenders with a creamy honey mustard dressing. He had a Big Mac. As a beautiful conclusion to our night together, we returned home and put away the groceries, realizing that the length of time it takes to eat a hamburger is exactly how long it takes for ice cream to melt.

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