recipe for a sweet dessert party

Over Winter break, Dan and I came to the realization that the state in which we live is quickly changing. Namely, we will probably never live within a mile of 80% of our friends again in our lives. As we realized that, we knew we wanted to take full advantage of it – so Dan officially gave me permission to let my inner hostess’ hair down. Desperate times called for making cute center pieces, baking an array of yummies, and having a bunch of people over. I was down right giddy with the thought of it. Jumping to the end of the story, on Friday, we had about 20 people over for a dessert party filled with chocolate fountains, yummy punch and baked goods, and a cupcake decorating competition (that’s right – with door prizes).

We had such a wonderful time that we’ve already decided to replicate the party after we’ve lived in Minnesota for a while – except, part of me feels like throwing the same party for two different groups of friends is like wearing the same outfit two days in a row, knowing you won’t run into any of the same people. But hey: I’ve done it.

That being said, I wanted to document just what it was that went down at the dessert party to make it such a good time. You know, just in case I need to go back and look at my notes before I throw it again next year.

Recipe for a Sweet Dessert Party

1. design adorable invitations
2. mix groups of friends that you know from different places and activities
3. melt chocolate chips and set up a chocolate fountain for dipping
4. thaw previously prepared and purchased sweets (creme puffs, peanut butter balls etc.) and arrange them on platters
5. light approximately a dozen candles around the house
6. simmer some music in the background
7. bake 2 dozen cupcakes – chocolate and vanilla – for decorating

8. blend 4 to 5 different colors of frosting for use in cupcake decorating
9. arrange bowls of candies around the room
10. pick the best decorated cupcake via voting by guests. This year’s 1st place winner:

Jon’s “King of the Jungle” cupcake!

11. squeeze 22 people into a 500 square foot space
12. chill with some of the best friends a person could have!

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