Dan Dan the professional man

My laundry doin’, furniture makin’, computer fixin’, sci-fi lovin’ husband has a real world post-college job! I couldn’t be prouder! The only problem comes when people ask me what his job is. I get that same look on my face that I used to have when people asked me growing up what my dad did… “uh, something with computers I guess.” Eventually I got really good at using terms like I knew what that meant, “oh, he’s a sql server database architect”, but if asked to clarify, I had to disclose my ignorance” I think it’s like… computer stuff.”

So, here I am at the next stage in life, answering that question with the same level of naivet√©. “Dan got a job? That’s great! What’s he going to be doing?”

Here is what I do know: He will be working for a company called eCreative Works in Plymoth, MN (about 40 minutes from where we hope to live). His job title is Web Developer, and the offer included health and dental (thank GOODNESS!). That’s all I got folks.

This lack of understanding of his professional job has not hampered my enthusiasm about getting him a professional wardrobe, however. Last weekend, while out shopping for graduation outfits for us both, I came across a bargain basement “Marshall’stype place that carries only men’s dress apparel. You wouldn’t think I would be all that excited about this, but oh, I was. I got 4 (good-lookin’) shirts and 2 (very stylish) ties for Dan – each item was $10 or LESS! If I’m not careful, I’ll spend his whole signing bonus before he gets it…

Just for fun, here are some pictures from the end of the year dinner we went to last night. This was with the Breakaway Ministry cabinet that I was on this year, planning short-term spring break mission trips for >150 Wheaton students.

The ministry cabinet, also known as a few of my favorite Wheaton people.

Dan, the ministry’s honorary member/tech support also made an appearance at the dinner. “Wow! What a professional looking shirt!” you might say.

(Apologies for the wacked-out color on these; we just got a new digital SLR, and sometimes we forget to change the shutter speed when we go outside. This equals over-exposure.)

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  1. The Germanns

    Congratulations!!! I’m so glad you have that checked off your list. Now for a house…


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