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No, I didn’t make that word up. As we prepare to get the keys to the house in a little over two weeks (oh, did I mention we moved the closing date up a week?), I find myself thinking about how crazy and amazing this all is. I know it’s just a house, and a… Read more »


there’s got to be more to life

Besides a cheesy overplayed song by a Christian artist that made it (temporarily) mainstream – that phrase is also how I feel now-a-days. Yes I’m thrilled about the house and having our own (massive) project to take on, but I also find myself struck dumb by the apparent reality that: work sucks. No, seriously. Is… Read more »


drum roll please…

We got the house!!^10 (yea, raise those exclamation marks to the 10th power to get a better idea of how I feel). The house was foreclosed and owned by a bank, so we pretty much signed our lives away this evening on contracts the bank made us sign (see: David v. Goliath (1045BC) ) to… Read more »


toddler tales part 2

Because there’s just so much material, here are more true life stories from my toddlers: Lunch was served a half an hour late on Friday because the cafeteria was running behind. Please note that 30 minutes is an eternity when you are 3 years old. Also, immediately after lunch is nap time, so as they… Read more »