drum roll please…

We got the house!!^10 (yea, raise those exclamation marks to the 10th power to get a better idea of how I feel).

The house was foreclosed and owned by a bank, so we pretty much signed our lives away this evening on contracts the bank made us sign (see: David v. Goliath (1045BC) ) to save their own butts in case anything goes wrong. We set the closing date for July 17th so that we have enough time to save for a) a car and b) house project money.

Meanwhile I may or may not be going crazy in our current living situation. Thus, I have turned to planning, lists, and dreaming about updates we want to make to the house. Like I said, it’s a fixer upper, so I’ve got my daydreaming work cut out for me. Here are a few of my *ahem* ‘plans':

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen After:

Bathroom Before:

Bathroom After:
Backyard Before:

Backyard After:

Yup. That’s exactly what our home is going to look like, in case anyone was wondering.

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  1. nandrosa

    Congratulations! It looks lovely, much classier than an apartment. Hope Pearl’s doing well in the new environment.


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