there’s got to be more to life

Besides a cheesy overplayed song by a Christian artist that made it (temporarily) mainstream – that phrase is also how I feel now-a-days. Yes I’m thrilled about the house and having our own (massive) project to take on, but I also find myself struck dumb by the apparent reality that: work sucks. No, seriously. Is this all there is?

When I had jobs before, even if they were less than ideal, I always had my “it’s just temporary while I’m in college” security statement to fall back on. Now I just feel like… this is it. This is my job. I don’t go to classes in the evenings and this isn’t just my student teaching. And although I know that my identity is in the God who loves and formed me, I still just have this overwhelming feeling that my job is what defines me. Does it have to be this way?

It’s hard to think of it being any other way when this is what I do for 40 hours a week. Plus when I get home I usually don’t feel like doing anything else, I just want to sit and not think, move, or talk. So then work really does become all I do in the sense that – weekends aside – I am a vegetable when not at work. Is that normal?

I’m not saying all that to be Debby Downer. Those questions aren’t rhetorical. I know that a lot of people reading this are going through or have recently gone through the ‘full-time student to full-time worker’ transition. Is this what yours was like? Will it last? (it has only been 3 weeks… but they’ve been 3 very hard weeks.) Did you find anything that helped?

I promise I’ll post more wonderful toddler tales when I get viable feedback as to how to survive the 9-5 (in my case it’s 8-5:30). ;)

3 Responses to “there’s got to be more to life”

  1. e[a] photography studios

    If it’s any consolation, Elisha felt the same way (and did until she quit her job…uh oh. But yours might be more rewarding.) So I would say yes, it’s normal.

  2. nandrosa

    I feel this way often. Genesis 3:1-19, Ecclesiastes 2:10f, 17-24, heck all of Ecclesiastes.

  3. danae

    My transition included a similar realization that work isn’t a 4-year stage of life. But I am completely confident in your ability to be a fun-loving, vivacious, uber-cool adult in the working world ;-)


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