toddler tales part 2

Because there’s just so much material, here are more true life stories from my toddlers:

Lunch was served a half an hour late on Friday because the cafeteria was running behind. Please note that 30 minutes is an eternity when you are 3 years old. Also, immediately after lunch is nap time, so as they waited for their food, my kids were both hungry and exhausted. Finally, the meal came: mashed potatoes and gravy (with vegetables, fruit and bread of course – to make it balanced). You would think that this story would involve throwing or projectile food of some sort, but stay tuned. One sweet girl, Alisha, who had been particularly crabby and inconsolable while we waited for the food, finally began to suck her thumb at the table and quited down once the food came. I gave each student a plate of food and began pouring the sippy cups of milk (and soy for all the crazy food allergies that kids have now-a-days. Don’t even get me started). When I returned to the table with the first two sippy-cups, Alisha had gone cheek first into her potatoes, thumb still in her mouth. I picked her up quickly, carried her to the diaper table, wiped off her face, and laid her on her cot all without her waking up.

I was playing catch with Brad with one of those ball pit plastic balls. To be funny one time, I caught the ball and hid it behind my back. Brad looked around, confused and said “ball?”, so I made a silly excited/I don’t know! face. He pointed in one direction and again asked “ball?”. I shook my head. He walked toward me and pointed under the chair I was sitting on (he knew I had it somewhere) – “ball?” he asked. I shook my head. He reached toward me, and pointed at my *ahem* chest with one final plea “ball?”. ‘No that’s not the ball Brad’ I thought, good logic though, I’ll give him that. I couldn’t stop laughing.

I found a ‘Kidz Dance” CD in a cupboard in my room so the other toddler classroom teacher and I taught our kids the first few moves of the macarena (to the extent that toddlers actually do motions – a few beats too late and in no particular order). First of all, yes, we are in fact the coolest teachers to grace the toddler educational world, and yes, it is adorable to see their little chubby arms extended one after the other.

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  1. nandrosa

    Your ball trick is kind of like quantum tunneling…counter-intuitive. Fun stories!


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