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homeownership statistics

We closed on the house Wednesday afternoon and have been working on it ever since! If anyone is keeping track, here’s the present count: Trips to Menards (local hardware/everything store): 5Trips to Walmart: 3Neighbors Met: 4Fast Food Meals Eaten: 3Paint Gallons Emptied: 7Boxes Left to Unpack: 8.5 bajillion I promise promise I will post pictures… Read more »


girlfriends and haircuts

A good girlfriend is invaluable. They’ll go to Starbucks with you every Wednesday at 2:30, they’ll sincerely confront you when something needs to be righted, and they’ll listen to and giggle about every juicy detail of your romantic pursuits. This week I’ve discovered another priceless benefit of a true girlfriend: she’ll agree with you when… Read more »