girlfriends and haircuts

A good girlfriend is invaluable. They’ll go to Starbucks with you every Wednesday at 2:30, they’ll sincerely confront you when something needs to be righted, and they’ll listen to and giggle about every juicy detail of your romantic pursuits. This week I’ve discovered another priceless benefit of a true girlfriend: she’ll agree with you when you hate your haircut.

Living in a new place, I am short on a few things – one of them being girlfriends. In light of that, I’ve been thinking. I know that people read this (I’ve had many an over-the-phone confession ;) and I was hoping, in lieu of having friends here to talk to, that you could help a girl out. Namely, what the heck do I do with my hair!? Huge life changing conundrum, I know, so please don’t make me go it alone (or with a husband who doesn’t know better/ is blinded by love).

So, from now on pretend we’re chatting over caramel coolers at Caribou Coffee (that’s right, I’m a Minnesota convert) and I’m telling you all about this chic-bob-turned-disaster.

Exhibit A – the picture of the celebrity (mistake numero uno) I brought into great clips (grande mistake numero dos) to show the stylist what cut I wanted:Cute, flirty, and summerish, huh? Oh, just wait.

Exhibit B – the actual haircut I received, after going back to have them re-shape it once*:
*Don’t be fooled by my obligatory smile in the picture… I am not a happy camper.

There are so many reasons that this is not the cut I wanted (specifically, it looks nothing like it), and it has turned out to be such a pain to style it in a way I’m ok with. 45 minutes on my hair in the morning is 35 too many. Back to the conundrum though; where to go from here?

Your (as my chatting-over-coffee girlfriend from whom I’m seeking advice) options:
A) Just leave it and grit your teeth for a month until it’s near your shoulders. It’s ok, bad hair cuts happen to all of us *pat on the knee*.
B) Go into a hair salon (a real one where shampooing isn’t an extra cost) and have them show you how to style it in a way that you’re happy with.
C) Fork it over (it’s worth it) and go somewhere to get the actual cut you were looking for; you’ve still got some length to lose.
D) – another option, for those with better problem solving skills than I have.

Please, as a true friend and/or blog reader, let me know what I should do. Meanwhile, I continue to see this when I look in the mirror:
help. please.

9 Responses to “girlfriends and haircuts”

  1. danae

    I’d go with option C – it’s usually worth it to pay $$ to get a good cut/style, then it’s just about maintenance. Hey, a girl’s gotta pamper herself from time to time!
    And I’ll pretend you meant starbucks, not caribou ;-)

  2. Nick & Cindy Germann

    Option C. Spending 45 min. on your hair is an ugly way to start a day.

    I might have a person to suggest to you – we should talk. Heck, we should talk anyway! It’s been a week already.

    I’ll call you. Or you call me.

  3. Allison

    I like Dora!

    p.s. I just got my hair cut very similarly – are we just going to continue to morph into the same person as we grow older until we can really mess with the old people at the nursing home who think they’re seeing and hearing double?? i can think of many muffin-stealin’ bingo-winnin’ advantages this may have for our bright although somewhat unmoral futures.

  4. Allison

    p.p.s. again – too long between posts. YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE TO LEAVE ME LIKE THIS!!

  5. Megan

    I miss girlfriends who will ‘sacrifically’ go to Starbucks with you every wednesday–rain, shine, blizzard or dead battery…you get the picture. Hmm, that’s a hard one. I would say C because I think with just a little adjustment and good instruction in styling techniques the style would be way cute.
    Miss you. Ran

  6. nandrosa

    Not qualified to answer question – but – props to you for wrangling Dan’s new toy and using it.

  7. seth

    Is that the inside of your new house?!? ..sorry this comment has nothing to do with your request but it looks like you’ve already received some girly advice.

  8. Laura

    I hope that you’ve resolved your hair care issues by now. What’s the verdict? I might say B depending on the cost relative to C, but if you haven’t done anything by now, you’re well on your way to A. By the way, I love the long distance girlfriend advice, even if the face-to-face kind is better.


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