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chez nous

Alright folks, here they are – pictures of the rooms I’m willing to show you of our house. For the less glamorous photos, see the rest of the blog. Our bedroom. Missing:Bed skirt, headboard, curtains.My desk, also in our bedroom. I bought the desk at a garage sale for – no joke – $10. After… Read more »


under construction

The Olympics are coming to an end, and Dan and I have been trying to find something new to occupy our evenings and weekends. So we decided to install a brand new HVAC system, you know, as one does. Call it green (save 20%+ energy), call it space saving, call it upgrading… I call it… Read more »


my name’s Allison, and i’m an olympiholic

There’s a disease taking the country by storm, and I have fallen prey. The symptoms range from enthusiasm to exhaustion and it is often characterized by one or more of the following: staying up until midnight to watch Nastia and Shawn nail their floor routines (disregarding the fact that your alarm will sound in 6.25… Read more »


3 weeks later

Yup, we’ve been a little busy. Not so busy that it’s actually a viable excuse for me not to update in over 3 weeks, but busy none the less. What we’ve been doing: Growing my hair out – see: previous post and the Olfelt’s August budget Moving for the second time in 2 months –… Read more »