3 weeks later

Yup, we’ve been a little busy. Not so busy that it’s actually a viable excuse for me not to update in over 3 weeks, but busy none the less. What we’ve been doing:

Growing my hair out - see: previous post and the Olfelt’s August budget

Moving for the second time in 2 months – Less than a handful of boxes left to unpack, if you don’t count those 8 in the corner.

Celebrating – Dan turned 22 last week and it was a multi-stage party involving friends, family, and jetskiing.

Making furniture – the Ikea way, that is. We got a china hutch from the “as-is” section of Ikea. It was the floor model and the doors didn’t open very well, so it was 50% off. After disassembling it to fit it in our pint-sized SUV, we realized that the door hardware was just installed backwards, and now it works perfectly.

Watching the Olympics - Addicted. That’s all there is to it.

Having company – Yay for friends who visit! Trips to the Mall of America, the Science Museum, and other assorted tourist-y places.

Projects Projects Projects - Pull the vine off the back of the house, empty the dis-GUS-ting pond in the backyard, water and fertilize the lawn, re-wire the 70 year old electrical sockets, replace the vast array of colored switches and face plates, new door handles, new light fixture, getting the TV to work, the list goes on, really.

It is my solemn vow to have pictures up of the house sometime this week (seeing as how I’m not presently employed, this shouldn’t be a problem). I just have to clean first.

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  1. seth

    Hey, Hey! You, You! … You guys should call me soon so we can catch up. I have most recently gotten an update about you, in Minnesota, via Indonesia….

    Go ahead, tell me what’s wrong with that statement. =)


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