chez nous

Alright folks, here they are – pictures of the rooms I’m willing to show you of our house. For the less glamorous photos, see the rest of the blog.

Our bedroom. Missing:Bed skirt, headboard, curtains.

My desk, also in our bedroom. I bought the desk at a garage sale for – no joke – $10. After paint to re-cover it, new drawer pulls, and a lot of time spent sanding, the total cost was less than $50.

Two views of our kitchen. I’ll leave it up to your imagination to figure out how they fit together. (Hint: stove).

The dining room (hmmm, those chairs look familiar).

Two views of the living room. Somehow this album didn’t seem complete without a picture containing Pearl wrestling with an over-sized stuffed animal (bottom).

And there you have it! Happy three-day weekend!

4 Responses to “chez nous”

  1. Ran

    Your house would be cute. Sigh. I love the desk. Pearl was the perfect size for the APT., so will she grow into a golden to fit this house? (You always said she was a Golden at heart.) :)

  2. Danae

    Your house is so. darn. cute. It’s already got your fingerprints all over it =) Now you need some kiddos to fill it up! *wink*

  3. Christine

    What an adorable place! I’m most impressed by your desk endeavor…I wish I was that crafty.


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