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The Olympics are coming to an end, and Dan and I have been trying to find something new to occupy our evenings and weekends. So we decided to install a brand new HVAC system, you know, as one does. Call it green (save 20%+ energy), call it space saving, call it upgrading… I call it Dan flexing his man muscle. Ever since he was a toddler and his dad bought him his first tool belt, Dan has been itching to work on his own big, impressive projects. Well, this project is certainly big.

This is our present source of heat that we are getting rid of, a radiator under almost every window in the house (this is our bedroom):

You know those air registers in the floors of every house built in the last 50 years? That is what we’re installing – a forced air heating/AC system. It consists of running air ducts throughout the ceiling of the basement and up into every room in the house, then installing a furnace. No big deal, really.

So, Dan started going full steam ahead this weekend, getting to the store when they opened Saturday morning and working ever since in our creepy, dusty basement. Old Man Germann (since, we decided, 25 is old) came over Saturday and the two of them installed the main air duct:

They even got as far as installing the first complete register in our bedroom. This notably involved taking a jigsaw (Dan’s birthday present) to my oak wood floors. I had to avert my eyes and swallow the tears – rightfully so, because this was the beautiful result!

It may seem like we’re well on our way, but there is still a LOT of man muscle flexing to be done. This is just half of the duct yet to install (we didn’t even buy the other half yet):

Also to be noted in this picture – the awesome basement floor tile. I’m looking forward to starting that project. But, one thing at a time!

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