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“Last post: September 18th”
Whoops. When did September get away from me? It has been a fabulous month around here with fun date activities, friends coming to visit, and recipes being baked. Here is our month (and then some) in review:

State Fair:
I meant to make a whole entry about our time at the state fair – so many Minnesotan stereo-types to analyze – but that was right about when life picked up for us and the day after the fair I started my full time job. Did we have loads of fun at the so-called “Great Minnesota Get Together” ? You becha we did. We saw log rollers and tractors and live music, doncha know. It was quite the hoot. :) Walker Art Park Date:
In our desperate attempt to be a hip young Twin Cities couple, Dan and I have been perusing the local artsy-fartsy places. One such place is the modern art/sculpture park near the art museum downtown. On a Friday evening after work, Dan and I swung by KFC for some to-go meals – the epitome of classy – and brought them to the park for a picnic. As we strutted our “watch-out Minneapolis elite, here we come” stuff… we posed for a few pics, model style.
This picture is not supposed to be rotated, but I kid you not, Blogger won’t let me post it normal. Let’s call it modern art, shall we?
Pearl Loves the New Digs:
Enough said.
DIY Sushi:
I. love. sushi. However, sushi doesn’t like my budget, so in true Olfelt fashion we decided to make our own for cheaper. Enter 45 minutes at the local Asian grocery store (United Noodle Co.) trying to read characters foreign to us, and $40 later we had enough food to make sushi for a large army (thanks to a little hands on help from our friends the Germanns). We learned a lot and there are many changes we decided we will make next time, and there will be a next time seeing as how we still have nori, wasabe, and masago coming out our ears.My First Pumpkin Pie:
I used the Betty Crocker cookbook recipe for Pumpkin Pie – well, sort of. I put in the wrong size can of evaporated milk (called for 5oz, put in 12oz… that’s a boo boo) and after realizing this, I was sure what would come out of the oven would be more pudding in a crust than pie. In fact, the pie looked and tasted (mostly) right! Who knew!? I’m not recommending it per se, but if you’re fast to cook and slow to check directions as I am, things can still work out in your favor from time to time.To top it all off, I was a Costco a week later and had a sample of their in store bakery’s pumpkin pie. Suffice it to say that I’m never trying my hand at pumpkin pie again. Why re-invent the wheel when your version of the wheel turns out soupy and there’s a Pirelli* vendor just up the street?

I feel like I’ve left a lot of updates out… for example the entire genre of house projects. I have some more pictures to take around here and I’ll get those up soon! Furnaces and frame collages and vanities, oh my!

*Pirelli: the type of car tire my dad used to make me put on my BMW

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