November 2008 Archives


swedish engineering: a reprise

Monday, November 17th did not mark the death of our Volvo. Four things were damaged in the collision: the radiator (which explains the blue liquid streaming from the car), the radiator header (attaches the radiator to the car… or something), the power steering reservoir (which explains the yellow-orange liquid spilling from the car), and the… Read more »


love, loyalty, and mascara

Yesterday, for the first time in 9 years, I bought a different kind of mascara. Not a different brand – I’m not that crazy – just a different kind. I have used the same exact toothpaste – same brand and flavor – without wavering in 7 years. It’s Crest Expressions, Vanilla, in case you were… Read more »


slow down, you crazy child

So it turns out material possessions don’t last. Somewhere between completely gutting and remodeling our bathroom and taking a 5 day road trip across the country this week, the Volvo got totaled because, well, we all know there wasn’t enough on the Olfelt’s plate already. This car started out as a “we don’t care what… Read more »


suffering from writer’s blog

My deepest apologies. I always have these witty things in my head during the day and I make a mental note to share that with my blogging buddies – but then by the time I get home at the end of the day, whoosh, all entertaining blog entry topics are gone from my mind. So… Read more »