a kumquat-sized secret

Pop quiz: How big is a kumquat?

a) About 1 1/2 inches long

b) Weighs less than an ounce

c) As big as the baby that Allison is carrying

d) All of the above

Wait, what was that third one?!

Yep! We’re pregnant! Here is a snapshot of our little nugget 5 weeks ago at 6 weeks:


Isn’t that just the most adorable little gray speck you’ve ever seen? In that picture, for reference, baby is the size of a grain of rice and as cute as a button.

I don’t want to rob our child of its achievements before it’s ever seen the light of day, so I should say that¬† technically, baby is the size of a fig this week (magically they move through the produce section as the weeks go by… next week: plum. Peach by New Years!) but kumquat sounded cooler for the title.

Pheew! Now that that is out in the open, expect many an update from the inside of my tummy, including but not limited to video of hearing the heartbeat for the first time this Friday!

3 Responses to “a kumquat-sized secret”

  1. Char

    Even though I already knew… congratulations again! I can’t wait for updates and pictures of Allison’s ever-expanding tummy.


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