a tale of two privies

Meet our bathroom circa Halloween:


Endearingly dubbed the Pink Beast, our bathroom was straight out of some decade long, long ago. My first thought when we looked at the house was that the floor to shoulder pink tile must have been a product of a 1950s remodel, but after talking to neighbors we discovered that our house was not alone in its color scheme suffering. It seems as though the designers of our 1930s homes were on the cutting edge of home decor in their day- ‘Pepto bismol tile with a black border is so hot right now’.

I did a really good job dealing with the pink for a time, but one day I had the undeniable urge to take a sledge hammer to the walls. Lovingly, my husband entertained my insanity. No, seriously. We just up and hammered the walls the Saturday after Halloween, not having known the night before that those were our weekend plans.


In case you have ever wondered what results from demolishing yards and yards of 75 year old tile, I can safely say DUST, DUST, AND MORE DUST. Thankfully, we have a second bathroom upstairs so that we could still take care of our business even when the bathroom looked like this:


Oh, did I mention that we gutted the ENTIRE bathroom? Oh well, we did – down to the studs.

Thankfully, we worked incredibly hard, and by my birthday the bathroom looked like… drum roll please…

IMG_2669             IMG_2670

You have no idea how happy it makes me to see this in our house as a contrast to what used to be, and to know that we did that! It’s a totally different room! Dan’s dad lent many a Saturday afternoon’s labor, and deserves kudos here too.

The last steps we have left to finish it off: trim around the wainscoting and window, and tiling the shower.

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  1. Alison C

    I know how busy you must be, but I’m just curious about the paint color on your bathroom. Remember the color name?


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