enough to make your heart race

The best Christmas present I’ve ever been given: hearing the heartbeat of our little nugget today at the doctor’s office!

Right near the end there the doctor says “Now you know why you’re throwing up all the time!” Oh so THAT’s why! Truthfully, I’ve been feeling better lately, but it is interesting to think that the sacrifices I am making now (nausea, healthier food choices, avoiding certain activities and foods) are only the very beginning of being a parent and from here on out sacrifices will only increase in cost.

During our Christmas preparations, Dan and I discussed getting a Wii as one big joint family gift to ourselves. I was hesitant – they’re expensive, and I had to wonder how often we would use it. “We’ll have something much more interactive than a Wii in about 6 months honey.” I said. “True,” he replied “and there’s no video game better than live action Parenting Odyssey:2009.”

I couldn’t have said it better. Merry Christmas all!

3 Responses to “enough to make your heart race”

  1. Joanna Farnsworth

    So exciting. Congratulations on the pregnancy. It’s a fun adventure being pregnant. Hearing the heartbeat and seeing ultrasounds make all that nausea and discomfort worth it. Just a few months and he/she will be here!

  2. Hannah Wooden

    oh yay! I finally watched this video. so wonderful! yay for baby Olfelt nugget!

  3. Christine

    AHH!!! How exciting!!! We’re praising God for your nugget and his or her little life! What a joyful 2009 this will be, God willing!!


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