January 2009 Archives


recent cravings

Lately, when I want a food, I want only that food and I want it now. It’s the strangest thing, but nothing else will satisfy (and believe me I’ve tried substitutes). Also, those “really gotta have it, want it now” food cravings I’ve been having are never for items that I presently have in my… Read more »


oh baby do we love to shop!

I can’t help but take a quick stroll through the aisles of the baby section of every target in which I set foot. We’ve also spent an awful lot of time researching bigger ticket baby items online lately. Alright, so we might be getting a little ahead of ourselves, but we spent some time (like,… Read more »


cluttered confidence

Not so long ago I was touting the glories of oversized purses and their miraculous capacity for capacity. Today, however, I come to you a jaded, frustrated large purse wearer. Turns out, if you can fit everything into your purse, you inevitably will. Behold, exhibit A: Receipts, ipod, gum, post-it notes, camera, altoids, camera battery… Read more »