February 2009 Archives


information overload

We’re called the information generation. I don’t think this is a misnomer. My generation knows that through Wikipedia, imdb.com (internet movie database), weather.com, Zillow, cnn.com, various blogs, youtube, and Google Maps, you can find information about almost anything you could ever want to know. While sometimes annoying (like how Wikipedia has the last word in… Read more »


she’s got a boy in the oven!

One of the many highlights of our ultrasound last week was learning the gender of our little nugget – or should I say our little son! I say ‘one of the many highlights’ because honestly, I don’t think anything in my life has been more amazing than seeing our little one moving around on that… Read more »


grow baby, grow!

An incomplete, but still entertaining record of ‘my condition’ over the last month: January 20th, 15 weeks February 9th, 18 weeks February 15th, 19 weeks This week we are finding out the gender! Most opinions (including mother-in-law, the all-knowing grandma, and Dan’s) are that it’s a boy, but I’m staying silent on the issue. Here’s… Read more »