grow baby, grow!

An incomplete, but still entertaining record of ‘my condition’ over the last month:

January 20th, 15 weeks


February 9th, 18 weeks


February 15th, 19 weeks


This week we are finding out the gender! Most opinions (including mother-in-law, the all-knowing grandma, and Dan’s) are that it’s a boy, but I’m staying silent on the issue. Here’s hoping little nugget’s leg’s aren’t crossed when we have our ultrasound this Thursday!

One last picture for your enjoyment: The View from the Top (see also: disappearing feet)


6 Responses to “grow baby, grow!”

  1. Hannah

    oh I love it! especially the pic from the top. :-)
    And I’m looking forward with excitement to finding out what we can call nugget after tomorrow! he or she?!

  2. Seth

    Finally, another update! I’ve been wondering how you guys are. Boy or girl eh? Let me know. =)

    Baby Bump!


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