she’s got a boy in the oven!

One of the many highlights of our ultrasound last week was learning the gender of our little nugget – or should I say our little son!

I say ‘one of the many highlights’ because honestly, I don’t think anything in my life has been more amazing than seeing our little one moving around on that screen. I am still completely in awe; It was as though we were hanging out with our baby¬† and getting to know him before we have met him face to face. I really can’t describe it better than that. What a gift to get to experience.

I’ve been thinking lately that we should find a kickboxing gym and pre-register nugget for classes. Sure enough, when we peeked into his little world there he was, kicking and squirming just as I had figured. At one point he lifted his hand to his face and almost sucked his thumb! Right as the ultrasound tech was preparing to take a side picture of his spine (which was incredible to see – each and every disc perfectly formed!), our baby boy rolled over; already a trouble maker.

Ok, back to the announcement: IT’S A BOY! After our appointment, we went to Baby Gap with that knowledge in mind and bought nugget his very first outfit. Funny thing is, it ended up looking remarkably similar to Dan’s everyday ensembles, just a lot…smaller:


Wow, that’s totally impractical for an infant, you might say. Why, yes it is, but isn’t it cuuuuuuute?! We couldn’t resist the mini-Dan look.

A little bit later that evening, our friends the Germanns came over to find out what gender nugget is, and they brought us this adorable pajama suit:


If you look close, those are wrenches, hammers, drills, and screwdrivers in the pattern on the fabric, another tribute to nugget’s daddy. The tow truck on the right is labeled “Mr. Fix-it”. Perfect.

So, there you have it: the beginnings of baby boy’s adorable wardrobe! We are so excited to start planning and preparing! This weekend we bought a crib (which we’re spraying black, so I’m waiting to post pictures) and a couple of toys. Watch out, baby retailers: here we come!

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  1. Mandy

    Congrats on a boy – we have to say they are the best, though he is all we’ve got so not much to compare I guess. Love the outfits!


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