a bleu ribbon weekend

Weekend Low: 28¬∞ and Pearl’s persistent limp in her back leg. We can’t figure out if it’s the muscle or what. Poor puppy.

Weekend High: 61¬∞ and enjoying Dan-o’s marvelous BBQ concoction in our backyard with friends on a sunny 61¬∞ day.

We’ve all heard of the sympathy weight phenomenon, and I think I’ve isolated the source: sympathy cravings.

From time to time I’ll decide that we need to have Indian food for dinner or else someone gets hurt, or more frequently, that this meal which I used to love simply cannot be tolerated and I will not eat one more bite. Every once in a while I’ll get an itch for a food that I won’t get to eat right away, and that food will proceed to call my name and fester until I eat it, sometimes 5 or 6 days later. For a slight change of pace, Dan-o experienced one of those persistent cravings last week.

“Wanna go to Red Robbin for dinner tonight?” “Nope. We’re going to India Palace. Grab your coat.” “Oh. ::sigh:: Ok.” the poor curry overloaded man conceded.

Two nights later: “Can we have burgers for dinner tonight?” “Kinda in a hurry. How’s beef stroganof sound?” “::sigh:: Close enough.

Knowing I can’t resist the opportunity to have company for a dinner party, Dan-o went for the kill: “Hunny, what if we had people over this weekend and I barbecued burgers for them?” Et tu, Brute? I was down for the count.

He hit the ground running with the burger thing while I dreamt up a festive gathering with fruit salads and plastic picnic ware. Apparently Dan-o doesn’t mess around when it comes to burgers: the guests were to be served a home grilled gourmet version of Red Robin’s Bleu Ribbon Burger, garnished with barbeque sauce, onions, spinach, and bleu cheese. Schfancy. It was fun to watch him select the best type of bleu cheese from the imported cheese case at the grocer and then debate with himself on which bottle really contained “America’s #1 BBQ Sauce“.

It turned out to be well worth the toil. The burgers were SO yummy. I don’t have a thousand words with which I could adequately describe their amazingness, so this will have to suffice:

blue-ribbon-burgerYou can note here that Dan-o doesn’t mess around when it comes to burger size either. Holy half-pound patty, Batman. Good thing I’m eating for two.

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  1. C

    I’m so glad I was privy to these burgers… I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied by another burger without the bleu cheese…

    And you’d think that since you’re eating for two, you’d be the one to eat two burgers, not the skinny-minny boys.


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