an aerosol can and a weekend high

Weekend High: 46¬∞ and finding two adorable maternity outfits to wear to church so I don’t have to feel like the ‘Yea, it’s a casual church, but I don’t think they meant that casual‘ lady. Couple that with the fact that the weather sort of cooperated on Sunday so that my calves didn’t (totally) freeze in my new denim skirt, and it was a lovely weekend.

Weekend Low: 26° and being aerosol refugees for 6 hours.

I would like to introduce you to my basement. Have you two met? Basement, this is reader, reader, this is basement.


Unfortunately, this isn’t a full view of basement in his glory, but picture the tools and other various tool-like things spread (with no particular effort or method) over an 8’x10′ area of creepy, asbestos filled 30’s tile. That is basement. It doesn’t bother me to have that kind of a mess in my house, it’s actually nice that Dan has a sequestered place for his toys that I don’t have to see on a regular basis. Heck, the basement creeps me out so much, I hardly even see it more than twice a month when Dan and I go down there to do a couple big batches of laundry.

Except, with nugget on the way, we have decided that having a clean, functional, not-creepy laundry room is on the B.B.E. list. So Sunday afternoon Dan and I went down there to dream about what kind of a sparkly non-asbestos filled laundry room we would like to have someday (before July). We measured, brainstormed, estimated, and measured some more. Then, as we headed back upstairs to go to the local everything store and price out flooring, Dan picked up a screwdriver which had found its way out of the tool-sty and tossed it back into the general tool area.


I ran upstairs at the (VERY LOUD) sound (as did our fierce 6 pound dog) and was now yelling “Hunny!? What happened? Do you still have all of your limbs?!”

Turns out, the haphazardly tossed flathead screwdriver perfectly, and I mean perfectly, punctured an aerosol can of black spray paint. Apparently they mean it when they say “WARNING: Contents under pressure!” and the directions¬† “Do not puncture” are in fact quite sincere.


You’d think that black paint would be everywhere, but it really wasn’t that bad. I crept back down to quickly survey the damage and it could have been much worse. (See: black region in first photo). Tragedy seemingly averted.

Then: the smell.

I don’t think instantaneously emptying the can’s entire contents in a basement with no windows qualifies as “Keep area well ventilated during use“. After cracking a couple of upstairs windows, we rushed off to the hardware store because of the whole “May cause dizziness, headache or nausea” clause. Pearl tagged along, waiting in the car.

After an hour of store meandering, we came back to a house that still wreaked. Wanting to “Avoid continuous breathing of vapor“, we held our breath, opened more windows, and quickly grabbed the makings for grilled cheese and tomato soup. Then, we headed out like exiles to crash at our friends’ house (dinner and puppy in tow) and wait out the smell/toxins.

4 hours later: still, the smell (now 9:00pm).

We decided to head to Sonic for some delicious ice-cream shakes to console ourselves, only to find that their ice-cream maker was broken (of all the nights!). Feeling like we had nowhere to go with both breathable air and nummy ice-cream deliciousness, we trekked up the street with our heads hung low (Cue: sad Charlie Brown music). Finally we happened upon some not-nearly-as-good-as-Sonic’s-banana-shakes Frosties. After eating them, we crossed our fingers and made our way home.

Smell: tolerable, finally, at 10pm.

Next week we’ll test out “Do not spray near sparks, heat or open flame“. I’ll bet they’re just saying that to pull our legs.

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  1. C

    “Next week we’ll test out “Do not spray near sparks, heat or open flame“. I’ll bet they’re just saying that to pull our legs.”

    It’s sentences like this that make me love reading your blog. :)


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