anno bebini

In July of the year of our Lord 2009, Dan and Allison hope to welcome a baby into the world. To make things easier for us all, time from now until said baby arrives shall furthermore be in terms of ‘Before Baby Era’ or B.B.E., while time after baby’s arrival is to be referred to as ‘Baby Era’ (B.E.). Because, let’s be honest, being offended by Latin terms for chronology is almost as dumb as the new terms ‘they’ came up with (‘Common Era’, really? Still starting at the same time but making no reference to Christ? Who do they think they’re fooling?). Also, a source tells me that this ‘they’ is in fact the same ‘they’ that kicked Pluto out of the Planet Club. Tough break, Pluto and B.C./A.D. .

When we think about things such as house projects, they are always associated with either B.B.E. or B.E. :

  • Re-finishing our wood floors: B.B.E. because who really wants to completely dismantle the first floor of their home when they have a crying infant to change/feed/brag about?
  • Getting the Volvo back to life: B.B.E. (and one big resounding ‘check!’) because safe Swedish engineering will never carry more precious cargo
  • Full second story remodel: B.E. because baby mama will have neither the energy nor the patience to make expensive construction and design decisions when 8 months preggo

What’s really fun is to put future events in terms of the age of the Baby Era:

  • The next Olympics are the Winter of 2010, and, Lord willing, B.E. will be in its 7th¬† month while cheering for the US of A.
  • My 30th birthday will be in the year of our baby 8, if we’re starting with 1. Are we starting with 1, or do these things typically kick off with a zero? I never could get that straight.
  • Baby’s youngest aunt will graduate from High School around the completion of the Kindergartenic age of the Baby Era, and although we’re not necessarily considering it, Auntie does go to a k-12 private school so she could theoretically be at the same school as her nephew for a year.

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