change we can believe in

Ok, so the change I’m talking about probably won’t involve reconciliation with foreign nations, taxing the very life out of the private business sector, or waking up one day and realizing ‘Oh crap. That’s not capitalism, that’s socialism‘, but it’s exciting change nonetheless.


On a related, but-you-don’t-know-why-yet note: my husband is a genius. He has far too many fort√©s for his own good and he’s always trying (and able) to fix things. I don’t mean just the standard “I am man. Must fix. ::grunt and beat chest::” way, but in the “Oh, we did $2500 worth of damage to our car? NBD, I’ll have it up and running in 4 to 5 months flat.” kind of way. This urge of his is hard to understand at times, but downright wonderful at others… like when you have a blog and you want to make it look prettier [read: ridiculously fabulous redesign that is totally perfect and exactly what I always wanted].

That’s all I’ll say for now, but just know that my husband is a web design prodigy, so you should probably be expecting big things. That’s not just a campaign trail promise either; this change is actually coming and it’s actually going to be good. Me? I’ll just keep on doing what I do: openly sharing the thoughts that cross my mind and events that fill my days with friends and readers (who are friends I just haven’t met yet!). Are you with me?

…this is the part where you all start chanting my last name in unison. No? First name, then? Maybe a rousing round of ‘yes we can’…?

3 Responses to “change we can believe in”

  1. Ashley R

    Boo. Found your blog and liked it so I started reading through the archives from the very beginning, and am now going to have to stop b/c of all your snide political asides. Oh well.

  2. Kelly

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now and have read all the posts from beginning to end. I saw you mention this “snide political asides” bit on Twitter and was confused. Did I love your blog that much that I completely missed that? Now that I have re-read the post I realise that I didn’t miss anything. But Ms Ashley R will surely miss out on some great daily reading.


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