craftiness is next to godliness

I want to quilt. And not a crappy school-project quilt like I made last spring for class, even though it totally rocked as a way to earn an A in western literature.

I want to make and decorate cakes that look professional. This could come in handy for friends’ weddings and showers, and also for making myself happy because I could look at it and say “I made that.”

I want to decorate the nursery. This is presently on hold because we’re refinishing our floors in 3.5 weeks (but who is counting) so any effort now would have to be deconstructed. All that to say, no surprises please, Nugget. We’re on a tight schedule here.

I want to be good at taking pictures. Maybe it’s not the taking that’s as important as the editing. I don’t know. I just know we have this awesome Canon SLR that I use like a point and shoot. That’s lame. Almost as lame as the lens that came with said camera. That must be my downfall, where I go photographically wrong. yup. Blaming the lens.

I want to cook more meals each week. I’m trying to do something about it this month so that come July I’m less of a “Oh crap. Well, Kraft Mac and Cheese it is, again.” mom.

I want to be able to paint. We bought letters that spell the name we’ve picked out for Nugget, but I’m hesitating to take a paintbrush to them for fear I’ll ruin them.

Mostly I would just like to be able to do everything, perfectly.

Oh, and having the time to do it would be nice too.

That’s really all I ask.

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  1. Andy Catts

    Come to Portland, we’ll teach you how to wrangle a few good shots out of that SLR you’ve got. :) And yes, the lens does make a difference (pretty large, in fact) so don’t despair too much. :) Pick up this bad boy: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/12142-USA/Canon_2514A002BA_Normal_EF_50mm_f_1_8.html if you want a cheap and decent low-light lens (great for indoor baby shots.) Also, editing is huge, so get Lightroom as soon as possible and start learning! :) Or just come to Portland and learn…faster. And maybe by the time you come, we’ll have a guest bedroom all set up in our new casa and you could just stay with us!

  2. natalie

    oh gosh, this basically sums up my brain. i want to do all these things! i think what you are feeling is called “nesting.” some women get pregnant to feel the urge to nest, other women are screwed in the brain and just want to nest constantly constantly. whew. it’s exhausting huh!

  3. Danae

    Minus Baby, this pretty much describes my life right now. Although yours must be 10x stronger with said Baby, it’s probably a creative urge all women feel. For me, it’s manifested in an obsession with learning how to cook, a strong desire to know how to garden, and constant reorganization of the living room furniture. Oh – and my literature list for my days off.

  4. Elisha Catts

    Me too! It must be a “I’ve hit my mid-twenties and I’m done with college and I need new projects to keep my brain occupied” stage. Seriously, I have a violin sitting in my office waiting for me to connive someone into teaching me how to play; I’ve already started quilting which has led to wanting to hand-make every single fabric piece in our house (potholders, purses, quilts, etc!); we’re buying a house and I have everything decorated in my mind (if only we had the money and time to make it happen!); and of course, the never ending pressure that tells me I should learn how to cook. I’m still hoping I actually develop an affinity for cooking. And do I have time to do any of these things? Not really, but still, I want to try!

    So good luck! If you’re ever in P-town, we’ll teach you how to do photo stuffs and quilting. :D


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