family meeting

Alright guys, gather ’round. There’s something we’ve been wanting to tell you.

Dan and I have talked about it, and we’ve decided that it’s in all of our best interests if we take a vacation. I mean ‘we’ being Dan and me. I know, I know, it’d be nice if we could all go, but look at it this way: we’ll all benefit when Dan and I come back tan, relaxed, and feeling like entirely new people.

This is a lot to swallow all at once, so for now I’ll just tell you that we’ll be there for the first week of May (including our second anniversary), and that “there” is…

Wait for it…


4 Responses to “family meeting”

  1. Ran

    WHAT!!! Why can’t you wait until say August, when I’ll be in Florida too! BOO.

  2. The Olfelts

    Tell ya’ what. We should meet in the middle come August. Near, say, Bethesda, MD?


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