get behind me, snow/satan!

A fun MN fact that my boss just shared with me: It has snowed in the state of Minnesota in every month except August.

To cheer myself up in light of that depressing thought, I want to share some photographic evidence of the shrinking of Mr. Snow Pile as it relates to the warmer weather we’ve had lately. Iff (that’s right, I just used ‘if and only if‘) the forecast for snow this weekend is lifted or doesn’t come to pass, we can begin calling it “spring”. Until then, it’s decidedly ‘sprinter’.

snow-pile-on-03121March 12th

snow-pile-on-0320March 20th (Look, Mom! They do have grass in Minnesota!)

snow-pile-on-032409March 24th

And you doubted my April 17th wager. Just you wait.

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