March 2009 Archives


defining ‘that big’

This phrase keeps following me and it plain won’t leave me alone. As you may know, “You’re just that big” was the eloquent and concise way in which Dan-o communicated last week that I do in fact look as large as I feel. Bless his candid little heart. I know he meant no harm, but… Read more »


get behind me, snow/satan!

A fun MN fact that my boss just shared with me: It has snowed in the state of Minnesota in every month except August. To cheer myself up in light of that depressing thought, I want to share some photographic evidence of the shrinking of Mr. Snow Pile as it relates to the warmer weather… Read more »


a bleu ribbon weekend

Weekend Low: 28¬∞ and Pearl’s persistent limp in her back leg. We can’t figure out if it’s the muscle or what. Poor puppy. Weekend High: 61¬∞ and enjoying Dan-o’s marvelous BBQ concoction in our backyard with friends on a sunny 61¬∞ day. We’ve all heard of the sympathy weight phenomenon, and I think I’ve isolated… Read more »