March 2009 Archives


call me sham-wow

…because I hold water just about as well. Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous spring day in Minnesota, with a high of 64¬∞. Dan and I decided to take our puppy and ourselves on a walk around the neighborhood, along with every other dog owner in a 3 mile radius, apparently. Pearl made many friends along… Read more »


archimedes fans, unite!

Happy ? Day! March 14th, or 3.14, is known in the education world as Pi Day, or, an excuse for teachers to bring in pie and waste an afternoon having a snack Day. I thought about bringing a pie to share to work on Friday, in premature celebration of this calendrical-meets-mathematical feat, but I decided… Read more »


chai, cheaper

I am a sucker for all things Oregon. In Costco last week: “OH! Tillamook cheese! I’ve been there!” At the mention of the movie Mr. Holland’s Opus: “Did you know that was filmed at Grant High School in Portland?” To the obnoxious lady in the grocery check-out line who just called it “Or-i-GONE” on her… Read more »