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towel monkies

I was once solidly in the ‘Oh my word, pregnant ladies think everything revolves around their pregnant bodies’ camp, and I was confident that all the moaning and finger pointing that’s done is purely an act, you know, to bring themselves a little attention. As if you can really blame your stuffy nose on pregnancy…. Read more »


anno bebini

In July of the year of our Lord 2009, Dan and Allison hope to welcome a baby into the world. To make things easier for us all, time from now until said baby arrives shall furthermore be in terms of ‘Before Baby Era’ or B.B.E., while time after baby’s arrival is to be referred to… Read more »


half baked

February 23, 20 weeks Halfway there! Our little boy weighs just less than a pound and is 10.5 inches from the top of his head to his heels, which would explain why I can feel his right hooks and roundhouse kicks more everyday. We’re excited to meet him but he’s still got some cooking to… Read more »


weekend highs and lows

There’s this dichotomy I live in: relaxing weekend means depressing Monday (I didn’t even get anything done and it’s time to go back to work already!), productive weekend means exhausted Monday (I need a weekend after that weekend). Today is an exhausted Monday. Friday night we had Dan’s whole family over (5 + us) for… Read more »