you’re just that big

Weekend Low: 24¬∞ and hearing about every unpleasant detail of far too many women’s pregnancies.

Weekend High: 57° (It was 50-freaking-7 on Sunday! Blew that forecasted 48° out of the water!) and a tie between setting up a coffee date with a young woman at my church and coming home to find that Dan-o had been hard at work on the house all weekend.

I spent most of the weekend on a women’s retreat with my church at a conference center/camp 16 miles away from the nearest gas station in a town with a population of 430. Good ol’ rural Minnesota – I even saw my first wild turkeys on the drive there. It was really great to spend so much time getting to know the women from my church, most of whom I had not met before going up there. I learned a funny thing though.

Did you know: When older women see a young pregnant woman, it’s like their social inhibitions are temporarily blinded by your baby belly, and they will ask and tell you the darnedest things. By darnedest I mean most inappropriate. Far too many words were spent discussing placentas, meconium, and cervices with women I really didn’t even know. I also experienced my first stranger-touches-belly moment. It was awkward, but survivable. That being said, the women were very kind and friendly, and surely well-intentioned as they told me about their 45 hour labors and 9.5 lb babies. So sweet of them to share, really.

A little visual of said stranger-touchable belly at 23 weeks (March 15th):


After Dan took that picture, I looked at it on the camera and said “Oh! Why was I sticking it out?! Let’s take another.” Dear Husband replies, “You weren’t sticking it out, hunny, you’re just that big.” ::pregnant pause:: “Well I mean baby is that big and you’re just doing such a good job of keeping him healthy and growing him that your tummy is…” I interrupted him to ask if he wanted to use his get out of jail free card. He wisely obliged. “You’re just that big” has officially been added to the list of phrases we do not use in our family.

Did you know: Rooms aren’t done until there’s trim around the windows and doors. Notably, trim isn’t done until it’s painted to match the rest of the trim, but progress is progress. While I was off getting belly touches and hearing labor horror stories with the wild turkeys, the Hubs was putting the long-awaited finishing touches on the bathroom remodel that will never end. What you see below will be painted white someday (before July), but please note the perfect alignment between the tile and the trim, which was actually pretty complicated to account for, as well as the beautiful base board that Dan-o installed this weekend too. Yes, the wobbly paint job where the wainscoting meets the wall will be covered by chair rail. Someday. Before July.


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