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nugget is stoked

Florida Vacation 2007 (aka Honeymoon) In preparation for paradise Florida and vacation (our flight departs later this morning!), Nugget has really been practicing his hammock stretch these last few days: both hands behind his head and both elbows jabbing solidly into my digestive system. In this way, Nugget already reminds me of Daddy: always so… Read more »


one hundredth post!

Apparently I’ve been at this blogging thing for a while now. I can’t imagine how I found enough fodder for 100 posts already though. Maybe it had something to do with graduating from college, getting real world jobs, and celebrating our first year of marriage… all in the same month. There might have been a… Read more »


dark walnut

In food, I don’t particularly like walnuts, but on my floors it’s perfect. Yum. We chose Varathane brand’s Dark Walnut wood stain. It really goes well with the previous owners’ maroon trim that we discovered behind the quarter-round, don’t you think? Also, due to concern, I would like to state that I was in fact… Read more »


omigosh omigosh omigosh

These were the first words out of my mouth upon seeing the glorious color of my NEWLY STAINED HARDWOOD FLOORS! “omigosh! omigosh! omigosh!” …these were also the words out of DanO’s mouth every few hours when he stopped and contemplated JUST HOW MUCH WORK this project was. Let me break it down for you. Step… Read more »