dark walnut

In food, I don’t particularly like walnuts, but on my floors it’s perfect.



We chose Varathane brand’s Dark Walnut wood stain. It really goes well with the previous owners’ maroon trim that we discovered behind the quarter-round, don’t you think?

Also, due to concern, I would like to state that I was in fact never in the house this weekend when masks were actually needed. I wore this mask while staining as a super-duper precaution (DanO wasn’t even wearing a mask at the time).

And because I looked so dang good in it.


What accessory could better accent a baby belly than a gas mask, really?

Once toxic fumes were in play from the polyurethane, I stayed safely 9 blocks away at our friends’ house. Please also know that my FIL (father-in-law) who works for 3M, a leading manufacturer of air filters, said that wearing this grade of gas mask (complete with new filters) while staining was “going above and beyond”.

Regardless, Nugget thanks you for your concern. Mommy is doing a right proper job of protecting him, he says. No worries.

Ok. Back to the steps of this mondo DIY project.

Step 3: Staining

Mop it on,


rub it in,


wipe it off (action shot).


Rinse and repeat some 100 more times while your wife has a mild version of her weekly breakdown because the floors ::sniff:: just look, so… ::sniff:: beautiful ::tear:: .

Step 4: Polyurethane

I’m leaving this picture full size because, well, just look how gorgeous this is:


I know.

Please do your best to ignore the partially magenta baseboard. This will not be around for long, promise. What you see on the floor is the first coat of Varathane Floor Finish in semi-gloss, which was too glossy for DanO and my liking (note the mirror reflection effect) so the next two coats will be satin.

Yup. The next two coats. Because this project doesn’t have enough steps, we thought we’d do this one three times. Actually no, it’s not overkill; three coats of poly is industry standard.

Excuse me, did the little elementary education major from Oregon just say “industry standard” like it was no big deal?

I’m such a reno pro.

I mean, look at me.



Each coat needs to be mopped on, allowed to dry, scuffed up, and then another coat can be applied over the top. These steps, along with the dry time (and the fact that DanO still has a full time career), mean what we’ll put the finishing touches on the floors mere hours before hopping on a plane for our FLORIDA VACATION.

Oh yea, did I mention that we’re doing that this week too?

6 Responses to “dark walnut”

  1. Seth

    Your life is ridiculous. Sounds like you’ll need a little Florida Vacay (long A) after all that.

  2. Nicole

    Your floors look great! I’m actually 6 months pregnant and almost done refinishing my floors (my boyfriend and I are doing the whole house ourselves). We stained it yesterday and plan to start poly tomorrow!


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