nugget is stoked

n187701178_30529606_1832Florida Vacation 2007 (aka Honeymoon)

In preparation for paradise Florida and vacation (our flight departs later this morning!), Nugget has really been practicing his hammock stretch these last few days: both hands behind his head and both elbows jabbing solidly into my digestive system.

In this way, Nugget already reminds me of Daddy: always so much limb going on (Doctor, are you sure that’s not an octopus in there?). DanO’s limbs get in the way when we’re sleeping, getting in the car after I drove last, or buying jeans that don’t come in sizes longer than 34″.

On the other hand, I have no need to own a kitchen step ladder ( “Hey… hunny?”), so I guess I can’t complain.

Nugget has been doing so much gangley hokie pokie in there that DanO actually saw his extremity hit the wall of my abdomen yesterday.

“Was that an arm?!” No, babe, I think it was a tentacle.


My brain is already on vacation, so I really have no closure for this post other than:


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