one hundredth post!

Apparently I’ve been at this blogging thing for a while now.

I can’t imagine how I found enough fodder for 100 posts already though.

Maybe it had something to do with graduating from college, getting real world jobs, and celebrating our first year of marriage… all in the same month. There might have been a thing or two about moving into my in-laws’ basement for another month plus a half, then subsequently moving out of the in-laws’ basement and buying our first house.

Or I suppose it could have been the renovating of our first house, the continuation of the renovation of our first house, or the perpetual renovating we are doing on our first house.

There’s probably something in there about creating a human being, too.


You can chalk it up to the first grade teacher in me, but I thought maybe we should commemorate this occasion with a little sharing exercise. This also functions as a half-birthday wish list, conveniently.

Just a thought.

100 things I would like 100 of

100 things of which I would like 100

Stuff I want.

  1. chap sticks
  2. 80 ° days
  3. pairs of comfortable heels
  4. duvet covers
  5. chai tea lattes
  6. adorable baby onesies
  7. cuddles with Pearl
  8. mini cheese cake bites
  9. large necklaces
  10. easy-to-make dinner options
  11. beautifully wrapped Christmas boxes
  12. just-blooming white tulips
  13. assorted glass vases, apothecary jars, or hurricanes (I think that counts as three items)
  14. ^
  15. ^
  16. bottles of martinelli’s sparkling cider
  17. yankee candles
  18. black and white photos of people and places I love
  19. plane ticket vouchers to see people and places I love
  20. handmade monogrammed cards
  21. freshly washed towels to smell
  22. chai frappuccinos blended coffee (aka dirty chai frap). wait. I already have chai on here?
  23. dangley earrings
  24. australian shepherd puppies – as long as I don’t have to keep them
  25. crazy straws
  26. leather bound copies of american literature classics
  27. royal gala apples
  28. shoulder and neck rubs
  29. sets of table linens
  30. warm bowls of popcorn
  31. blown glass balls
  32. pouches of Capri Sun Pacific Cooler
  33. wood block words to rotate seasonally on my mantle
  34. shades of pink nail polish
  35. throw pillows
  36. watermelon jolly ranchers
  37. ceramic baking dishes
  38. assorted colors of gdiaper little ‘g’ pants
  39. people who read my blog regularly
  40. bottles of bath and body works hand sanitizer
  41. teva olowahu sandals
  42. over-sized starbucks ‘city’ coffee mugs (and a place to store them)
  43. lenses for our SLR
  44. cashmere throws
  45. old handwritten letters and post-cards
  46. coffee dates with friends no longer geographically near
  47. strawberries and cream jamba juices (it’s not on the menu any more – order it some time)
  48. potted hydrangeas
  49. bottles of european wines (for later.)
  50. aveda hair products
  51. square feet of closet space
  52. kisses from DanO
  53. buttered popcorn flavored jelly bellies
  54. less days of being pregnant
  55. more days to get the nursery ready (yes, i know. but do they all have to make sense?)
  56. crunchy leaves to step on
  57. sheets of beautiful scrapbooking paper
  58. baby diapers changed by someone else
  59. work vacation days in a year
  60. hours of sleep. straight.
  61. bless you if you’re still reading this. I’m so impressed. (does that count as one?)
  62. karats in a diamond
  63. free hours of labor on our house by someone else. anyone else, really. just not us for once.
  64. blooming cherry trees lining a street
  65. happy years of marriage
  66. jars for canning. cuz i’m going to be that lady. just watch.
  67. strawberries
  68. iced venti no-ice chai (oh. it is? whoops)
  69. purses in perpetually perfect condition
  70. maids to do my laundry… and bidding, because that’s what maids do I’m told
  71. acres of land to cross-country ski over
  72. copies of martha stewart living and realsimple
  73. ^ that was totally two
  74. cool key chains like I had hanging from my jansport in middle school
  75. hugs from my family every month
  76. ounces of more patience
  77. ideas for this list (seriously, all this introspection is starting to get difficult.)
  78. fridays
  79. hours a week to catch up with friends over the phone
  80. pairs of favorite jeans
  81. shiny wedding rings in size 6 so that I can wear them (size 4 is long abandoned)
  82. minutes of fame
  83. clear hair rubber bands
  84. quiet moments with DanO
  85. shirley temple films on dvd
  86. aroma therapy refills for my cubicle
  87. pregnancy safe allergy pills so I could smell the aroma therapy. or anything.
  88. children’s books to pile on my lap and read to nugget
  89. eleven more to think of – I can totally do this
  90. saltwater sandals
  91. pounds of frozen meat in my schfancy freezer (just no swine)
  92. miles of shoreline
  93. bibles to send to china
  94. months of membership to the YMCA
  95. miles to the gallon on both of our cars
  96. hooded animal towels to put on nugget after he takes a bath
  97. free dates to go on in the twin cities
  98. babysitters lined up for the nights of each of those free dates
  99. venti chai frappuccinos (blended cream) with condensation on the cup (aka summer)
  100. wonderful blessings, adventures, and people in my life to blog about over the last 1.33 years (check!)

4 Responses to “one hundredth post!”

  1. C

    agreed: mmm, chai.

    53. I will happily give you all of mine.
    54. This one’s coming true!

    I don’t think you meant it this way, but I read all the entries with their number in front of them like “7 cuddles with Pearl”, “60 hours of sleep straight”. :)

  2. Seth

    This is quite the post!….



    p.p.s. see you and DanO very soon!


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