April 2009 Archives


GD free

Just an update that my the diagnostic test on Friday for Gestational Diabetes  was very, very negative! So negative in fact, that the lab tech was visibly shocked by how low my results were. Unfortunately, they still had to draw blood 4 times regardless of the fact that I was never within 20 mg/dL of… Read more »


she’s still got it

Even if I don’t have GD, the test on Monday made me want to do things right goshdarnit, so I’ve been walking for at least 20 minutes twice a day since then. That may not sound like a big deal, sure, but have you seen my cankles? When your joints are so filled with fluid… Read more »


bitter sweet

My experience with the Gestational Diabetes screening test: From dinner Sunday until 5:30pm on Monday, I didn’t consume anything that contains glucose OR that my body would process into glucose (e.g. carbs and starches). Not a single freaking thing. I had salmon and beans and hard boiled eggs and almonds and more eggs and cheese… Read more »


baby’s epic dream debut

Nugget had the starring role in my dream last night! It was pretty awesome to meet him, but it meant that waking up was really, really disappointing. Up until now I’ve always been pregnant in my dreams (and once I was in labor, but I woke up before the good stuff), so this was a… Read more »