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this too shall pass

Weekend High: 74¬∞ (Friday night was glorious!) and having a beautiful spring weekend to work on the house and make clear progress toward sanding and re-staining the floors (more on this in the future). Weekend Low: 39¬∞ and having a low-to-no sugar carb diet Sunday. No, I’m not on stage 1 of South Beach. I… Read more »


it’s pretty much a cake walk

What is with me and awkward bathroom encounters? Twice in the last month, women have come into the bathroom talking on their cell phones and then proceeded to talk on their cell phones while relieving themselves. Not even the sound of peeing in the background is a hindrance to cell phone communications anymore? You are… Read more »


i’m your buckaroo

Yes. Country music songs are cheesy. and predictable. and repetitive. and usually twangy. But they have such good stories! Seriously you guys, this song makes me want to cry. Or maybe that’s the excessive levels of estrogen and progesterone circulating in my system. Either way, you should watch this video. Ok so, be honest. Are… Read more »


eyes up here, buddy.

April 14th, 27 weeks In case you and I are acquaintances and find ourselves making small talk in the next 3 months, let me just get this out of the way: July 16th, and yes it’s our first. It’s a boy and we have one picked out but we’re not sharing it with the whole… Read more »