April 2009 Archives


belly and hair

Not to be confused with belly hair. Gross. A couple weekends ago, Cindy and I experienced the Juut Aveda Salon in Minneapolis. No Tyra sightings, but it was awfully nice to wait in a lobby not filled with crying children and drink cucumber infused water out of shfancy mod glassware . I went chin-length again,… Read more »


Pearl’s weekend highs and lows

I’m still trying to dig myself out from under all those lofty, back-to-basics, lifestyle-changing claims I made. So in the meantime, here’s a guest post from the family dog: Weekend High: 48¬∞ and having my bestie Shalai over to play on Friday: then watching the movie Bolt with my people. Bolt and I are pretty… Read more »


the custodians hate me

Either they hate me, or I go to the bathroom a lot. I can’t really decipher. All I know is that two or three times a week, this is standing between me and relief: One time I was actually in the bathroom when they arrived and I heard a ::knock knock:: “Cleaning!”. ‘Ha! Beat ya… Read more »