‚ãÖpantries rise and pantries fall

We woke up to this Sunday morning:


The amazing Ikea shelf that has been so wonderful for storing our Costco bounty had fallen flat on its face and left a mass of smashed bulk products in it’s wake. Worst part is that we still have no idea how it happened. Pearl is really just not that strong and neither of us had slammed any doors that evening, so what gives?!

Cleaning it was a ginormous pain in the but…ler’s pantry, but there were only a couple of canned good casualties, which is fortunate. DanO has now strapped this sucker to the wall and when I asked if he thought it would ever fall again his response was “I’d like to see it try,” followed by some grunting and beating of his chest the smile of a confident man who fixes things and makes his wife happy.

By the way, do you think I can add “Wipes crusty alfredo sauce off of condensed soup cans” to my resum√©?

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  1. JenD

    On a more positive note, at least you’re getting a head start on child-proofing the house. :)


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