a coming of age tale, part 2


Fresh-out-of-high-school DanO

Will you please look at that smile?

This is continued from ‘a coming of age tale’, which you can read here (or by scrolling down).


And then there was this ‘some boy‘. He was tall. And blonde, and had the most gorgeous blue eyes. The kind of blue eyes that make a girl hope her kids can inherit them someday (did I just say that?). And he was funny. I didn’t even have to pretend to laugh at his jokes. His smile made me want to smile… have to smile.

Plus, get this: this strong, broad-shouldered, Midwest-grown Some Boy had a lot of the same interests as me.

Almost every one of my “Hey guys, I think it’d be fun to walk down to that old church downtown and take a tour!” was promptly followed by an “I think that would be fun too!” from Some Boy. ‘Wow, he likes late 19th century stained glass windows too?’ I thought.

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: Who could have guessed that in 5 short years that would turn into “Hey husband, I think it’d be fun to have some blue eyed babies.”¬† followed by an “I think that would be fun too!”*

*Please don’t think that is the extent of the thought that we put into such a huge decision. Clearly, we also considered that my green eyes may be slightly more dominant, but that is a risk we are willing to take.)

Some Boy totally knocked me off my feet, or made me fall head over heels, or stole my heart or… whatever you want to call it, this some boy was good. He was real good.

And he wanted to get to know me, so we went on a walk together after an ice cream social on the quad.

He wanted to know about where I came from and what I did in high school and what I love to do and what my family is like and what things I really dislike and what things are important to me and who I admire and where I want to be in 10 years and what motivates me and…

He shared a lot on our walk too. I learned that his younger brother is his best friend, he loves the sciences and is a pre-med student, he is the oldest of 4 kiddos and his youngest sibling is 7, he played soccer and ran track in high school (although neither was a huge passion of his), he loves to create things on the computer, over the summer he worked at an orthopedic rehabilitation equipment company, he doesn’t really do video games,¬† and he’s never had a girlfriend.

…then I looked at my watch and, somehow, it was 4:30 am.

Our walk had started at midnight.

A split-second after checking the time – and completely without warning – the sky began dumping nickle-sized drops of rain and thundering louder than this west coast girl had ever heard before. We were about 5 blocks from campus.

“What IS this?!” I asked over the cracking thunder and loud rainfall. “What do you mean?” asked Some Boy. “Where I come from rain doesn’t often require umbrellas and it certainly doesn’t jump out of nowhere and surprise attack you like this. Is this a hurricane? Where’s the nearest tsunami shelter?”¬† “This is a summer thunder storm!” he said,”I love them!”.

We decided that a slow paced jog back to the dorms was our best bet, even though every last inch of us was already drenched. My flip flops were leather, so I took them off and ran barefoot… in the rain… next to this Some Boy. This energetic, funny, intriguing, blue-eyed Some Boy.

Roommate’s advice was echoing through my head.

‘It’s too soon’

We stood at the entrance of my dorm building for a while, tripping over ourselves to articulate just how much fun we both had that night. Then Some Boy took my hand in his, gave it a little squeeze, and said “I’ll see you tomorrow. Well, today.” then turned and jogged toward his dorm building. I distinctly remember the feeling of melting into an Allison puddle right there on the sidewalk.

This boy I’d known for 36 hours was quickly becoming the most interesting, sincere, and enjoyable person I had ever met.

2 Responses to “a coming of age tale, part 2”

  1. Cindy

    This makes me happy. Best 2:23 break ever.

    Also, would it be ok if I maybe prayed for at least ONE of your curly blonde-haired babies to be green-eyed? Just one??

  2. Autumn

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog a while back. I’ve been reading your blog every now and then and always find myself laughing out loud! Congratulations on your sweet little boy, Micah (love the name!), soon to arrive. And what a cute story of how you and your husband met…you have such a great way with words!


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