a neat and compact little package

I will never again complain about the difficult and uncomfortable things that come with having a baby on board.

Ok, maybe not never but I will definitely have a different perspective from now on. This week has been plum full of lessons to be learned. Kindly allow me to impart another.

Turns out, dealing with this*:


Is immeasurably more enjoyable than dealing with this†:


* My cankles on Disney’s Animal Kingdom

†Actual toddler tantrum witnessed in Epcot

The More You Know‚Ñ¢

2 Responses to “a neat and compact little package”

  1. JenD

    So true!!! I have experienced both massive pregnancy induced cankles and horrendous toddler meltdowns and, you’re right, I’d take those cankles over a fit any day. Your post has both Ben and I laughing!

  2. A

    so how did you sneak that pic? I can just imagine a post on here in a couple of years…”then this pregnant woman actually took a picture of nugget while he lay on the ground during a tantrum!” ;)


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