lately: a smattering

Things I’ve been meaning to tell you about that have happened around these parts recently.


Why good morning, Mr. handsomely rugged and unshaven husband! Could those Mickey pancakes you’re making be for me?! For Mother’s Day? Wow. Makes a pregnant girl wonder how she got so stinkin’ lucky.


I channeled my mother in the kitchen this week to throw one festive taco Tuesday party the old fashioned way. Ok, so the excitement only consisted of tacos with topping options in pretty bowls, but when you’re only cooking for 2 (+1), that kind of excitement and enthusiasm for a meal is rare. Plus the meat was particularly tasty, which I told you (but didn’t tell you) about here .


The O Family dog has a little more Scooby and a little less Doo to her these days. Pearl got her summer shave recently, and DanO and are I hoping it is short enough that we can ignore neglect fail to brush not worry about her hair for a while after Nugget comes.


Oh, you thought I was kidding when I said here that I alphabetized my spices, ranked them by frequency of use, and then put them into matching, labeled containers? Goodness no. This nesting thing is for real, friends, and the feeling I get¬† just looking at this picture is approaching euphoria. Look at it, all perfect and ordered and beautiful! I’m telling you, organizing is a pregnant woman’s Merlot; it warms the soul.

3 Responses to “lately: a smattering”

  1. Kelly @ Love Well

    Those spices lined up and labeled made me swoon. Merlot for the soul indeed, even for those of us who aren’t pregnant — but who have a touch of the faux OCD anyway.

    I figured this post is as good of a place as any to say, “Hi! I’m reading!” I know your mother-in-law, who recommended you. And girl, she recommends well. It will be a treat to follow your stories as you await the new addition to your family.

  2. katie

    the spices make me smile. =) ours are in clear-top, magnetic-backed shakers on the side of our fridge. for christmas i gave my husband a label maker (since his handwritten grease pencil labels meant that i could never figure out what each one was) and we spent an enjoyable half hour sitting in the kitchen labeling the 50+ spice jars. =)


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